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Meeting Response Manual

Welcome to Styx

This page will help you respond to a meeting request.

What is this?

If you’ve received an email containing the link to this page, then you have been invited to a meeting. The email should tell you the meeting subject, a short description and the participants of the meeting.

Meetings at KnR are scheduled using our Styx Scheduling Assistant. This email was sent so that Styx can gather information about when all participants are available, and automatically schedule the meeting at the best time.

This information is gathered by sending you a link to an interactive calendar where you can mark your available times, and send the result back to Styx. Once the other participants have done the same, Styx will schedule the meeting.

If you open the link in the email, you should arrive at a webpage with the following content.

On this page you can fill in time slots of when you are available.

If the person who proposed the meeting suggested a time, it will be visible as a dark red area on the calendar, as seen in the example above.

You can respond with times outside this proposed time, it is just a guide.

Marking your available times

There are two views available for the calendar, ‘Month’ and ‘Week’. The ‘Month’ view is activated by default, but you can switch between the views using the button on top of the calendar.

There are three ways in which you can add an available time.

  • Dragging across multiple days on the ‘Month’ view.You can drag across multiple days to mark a time you are available for multiple days. A window will then pop up allowing you to adjust the time. For example if you are available every afternoon between 16:00 and 18:00 then you can drag across multiple days and adjust the time in the popup window.
  • Double clicking on a day in ‘Month’ view.To just mark an available timeslot on one day, you can double click on that day in the ‘Month’ view and fill in the time as before.
  • Dragging a timeslot in the ‘Week’ view.Once you’ve switched to the ‘Week’ view, you can drag a time on a day to mark an available time.This allows for much finer control over time slots, especially if many specific timeslots need to be made.

All the above options result in green boxes on the calendar which can be double clicked to edit or delete them.

Sending your response

Once you’ve marked your available times, you can click on the ‘Send Response’ button at the top of the page. This will bring up a window with further instructions. Once you accept, your default email client should open with an email already filled in.

The details of the email can be left as it’s been filled in. You can send the email as it is.


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